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August, 2009
by Jorge and Donna Soares

Dear Friend,

One of the main purposes of Wordproject is to answer a specific need for us here on the field: the lack of Chinese Bibles readily available. With the advent of the computer age, you find that the use of computers is on the rise everywhere, by the millions!! Internet made the browser one of the most common and easy to use programs, thus, a Bible in a webpage format is easy enough for anyone to use - Simple html technology made it possible to offer not only the whole Bible in simplified and traditional Chinese, but also in Pinyin (Romanized Chinese) and languages such as Portuguese Spanish, Italian, French, and several others, which are able to be displayed simultaneous with English in different combinations. In our endeavors to promote the Word of God we are faced with many different situations and meet people from all walks of life. Wordproject News brings in a glimpse of what is happening and the pictures that tell the story. Thank you for your prayers and support that makes it possible.

Macau / China / 2009



1-6. Ben, Cristy, Joana and entire family in the studio. 7.8. Recording the Holy Bible.

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